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2023 is a wrap! Our product team rolled out numerous fantastic features last year that helped our users make a significant impact with their people. Explore these updates and ensure you’re utilizing all they offer. Also, we provide the top 5 tips for crafting compelling text messages and other noteworthy news.

2023 In Review: Game-Changing Features Released


  • Broadcast – Send an MMS to your entire audience.
  • Scheduling – Schedule an MMS send at a certain date and time.
  • Drip – Attach MMS to your automated drip campaigns.

PBT Analytics Dashboard

Evaluate the success of your campaigns through valuable metrics. 

  • Delivery Rates
  • Opt-in/Opt-out
  • M-Click Tracking
  • Message Credit Usage

Other Releases

  • Contact Card and VCard
  • International Support for Canada

New Integrations

Top 5 Tips to Crafting Compelling Text Messages

Text Message Copywriting

1. Embrace Conciseness – Deliver your message in one or two brief sentences for maximum impact.
2. Prioritize Clarity and Essence – Eliminate unnecessary details; offer valuable information with practical applications.
3. Make It Personal – Establish a relatable connection to something the reader cares about.
4. Address a Problem – Present your solution directly to the reader’s needs.
5. Stick to One URL – Streamline reader action by providing a singular, clear URL, avoiding confusion.

Your text messages need to be compelling for maximum impact. We’ve got the two-decade industry experience to help you create great messages. 

PBT Events

We’ll be in attendance and would love to connect with you or someone you know!

Jan 9-11
D+C Summit 2024

February 15
CO+OP Ministry Conference 2024

February 20 – 23
NRB 2024

Text CHAT to 77007 and then let us know which event you’ll be at so we can say hi.

Team Spotlight

Zane Klemo is a Marketing Specialist who executes all digital marketing campaigns, supports PBT events, and maintains the Powered By Text brand. He is passionate about creating helpful content that reaches current and new PBT partners, helping them make an impact with their audiences.