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Church Texting

We help churches cultivate connections that create kingdom impact.

Our Purpose

Creating infinite impact for over two decades.

Create Powerful Connections

Texting software built for churches.

  • Unlimited Contacts, Groups and Keywords
  • Mass Texting
  • Shortcode or 10DLC
  • Two-Way Text
  • MMS
Grow Your Community

Connect with your
entire church.

  • Maximize guest engagement and retention
  • Grow church attendance
  • Increase giving
  • Boost event registration and attendance
Gospel Partnership

Helping churches create kingdom impact.

  • Communication Strategists
  • Implementation Specialists
Guest Connection

Prestonwood Baptist Church

Dr. Jason Snyder, Prestonwood’s Discipleship Pastor, implemented the automated guest followup strategy from Powered By Text and it had a massive impact on their guest engagement.

“In my 14-year tenure at Prestonwood, we’ve never had a greater population attending our Next Step class. This has given us an opportunity to have gospel conversations.”

Jason SnyderDiscipleship Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

Next to your pastor preaching on Sundays, texting is THE BEST method of communication to your entire church. And there's no better texting provider than Powered By Text."

Stephen BeaselyFirst Baptist Cleveland

I really appreciate the time that we’ve had in our consulting sessions where we’ve been able to sit down with the experts, hear from them what has been successful and implement a strategy that allows us to be the most successful with this ministry tool.

Dr. Jason SnyderDiscipleship Pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

The Powered by Text team had a step-by-step process to engage our members and keep them engaged. I believe every church should have a texting short code and the cost is minimal compared to the savings.

Scott SanfordExecutive Pastor, Cottonwood Creek Church

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SMS text marketing and how does it work?

SMS text marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves collecting opt-in phone numbers from your church and sending relevant content directly to your church members’ mobile phones via text messages.

Does PBT integrate with church software?

Our platform has a robust API and can be built into a custom application if you so choose.

Do you have a specific integration need? Let us know!


Additional 5-digit numbers are $600/each but not required. This is a pass-through cost to register, lease, and host.