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The Basics

What is SMS text marketing and how does it work?

SMS text marketing is a digital marketing strategy that involves collecting opt-in phone numbers from your audience and sending relevant content directly to your audience members’ mobile phones via text messages.

Why should I use texting rather than just email and social media?

Texting has a 98% open rate whereas average engagement rates of email and social media are less than 20% in most cases. Texting is direct access to a device everyone owns with a medium they prefer to use.

What makes Powered by Text different from other texting software available?

When you join the Powered by Text family, you are gaining a partner that cares. You will also have access to an experienced Implementation Specialist, a proven success plan and a road-map for your custom implementation.

Getting Started

What happens after I sign up?

A PBT team member will be in touch to start getting your account set up. Our Implementation Specialists will walk you through getting your number provisioned, setup your texting campaigns and train you on how to be successful in your texting journey.

What are the benefits of having an Implementation Specialist?

An Implementation Specialist will provide your admin dedicated access to an individual who specializes in helping you implement texting into your work. Whether you are just starting with onboarding or launching a completely new text initiative, an Implementation Specialist will help you efficiently carry out your plan.

When will I be able to start sending messages?

Dedicated Short Code plans require a 30-45 day runway to provision your dedicated short code with all mobile carriers, as well as execute the full MBT implementation process. In the meantime, you can text from your verified 10-digit phone number once set up if you have an immediate need.

Verified 10-digit phone number plans will be able to start sending messages 1-3 business days after your verified 10-digit number is provisioned. This process starts as soon as your purchase completes AND you provide required the documents for 10-digit phone number registration (Privacy Policy URL & IRS EIN#).

What types of messages can I send?

You can send text-based messages (SMS) or picture and video messages (MMS) that includes digital content you already created, donation requests, event reminders and many other types. With the PBT blueprint, our team will provide a knowledge base for you to access so you’ll never be left alone to figure it out.

Who can I message and who can I not?

Our software will NOT allow you to send a message without first obtaining and documenting consent from a participant’s mobile number and protects that number from receiving additional messages the moment they opt-out. This is a requirement and ultimately protects you, the texting industry, and your participants.

How many keywords can I have?

The PBT model provides unlimited keywords no matter which package you chose. Keywords can be used for group interaction, information, or drip sequences.

Monthly Usage

What happens if I go over my text message limit for the month?

You will not lose access or experience any interruption to service, you will simply be billed at your plan’s additional message credit rate.

Can I place a limit on the amount of messages that I can go over?

Yes! No surprise spending. You set the budget and our software manages the rest.

What if I need more messages?

You simply pay per individual message credits, not in blocks or upgrades, based on your plan’s additional message credit rate.

Short Codes

Why do I want a dedicated short code?

A Dedicated Short Code allows you to have a unique 5-digit code to create keywords, pass messages, and more without having to share any content space with other organizations.

Cell phone carriers prefer this method for text marketing and do not have daily delivery limitations or long-codes will. This is the preferred method for compliant large-volume texting by mobile carriers.

How long does it take to provision a short code?

It typically takes 30-45 days.

Are short codes bad or spam?

Short codes cannot be marked as spam. Make no mistake, dedicated short codes are preferred by all major US cell carriers for text messages. Long codes have a daily delivery limitation that short codes do not. Long codes can be flagged as spam and shut down by carriers, making short codes critical to successfully reaching your ministry.

Our industry relationships with the CTIA and other mobile regulation agencies, combined with practicing full compliance with the TCPA federal statues guides MBT in consulting and practice. We are experts at knowing the laws and rules so you don’t have to!

Church Texting

Does PBT integrate with church software?

Our platform has a robust API and can be built into a custom application if you so choose.

Do you have a specific integration need? Let us know!


Additional 5-digit numbers are $600/each but not required. This is a pass-through cost to register, lease, and host.