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Industries We Serve

We help churches, nonprofits, ministries, media, schools and foundations create impact with their people.

Powered by Text helps businesses in diverse industries easily create meaningful connections with their people.
Our Promise

We care about you and your mission.

Let our COO and Co-Founder Mike Cantrell tell you about how Powered By Text is different.

Choose the right plan for your industry

Powered By Text has developed proven strategies that translate across all of the industries we serve. We have crafted specific texting workflows tailored for each industry and our team is ready to show you how they can be implemented. The descriptions below will help you understand what industry you’re in.


We serve churches who are classified as nonprofit organizations that typically have a primary purpose of faith-based, Christian religious worship and/or the advancement of faith-based mission.

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We serve organizations that are classified as nonprofit who would not fall into the category of faith-based.

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Ministry Nonprofit

We serve organizations classified as ministry nonprofit with a Christian, faith-based mission.

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We serve public and private organizations classified as schools for students 12th grade and below, both faith-based and non faith-based alike.

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Ministry Media

We serve media and broadcast organizations classified nonprofits who would classify themselves as Christian, faith-based.

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We serve public and private organizations classified as foundations who typically provide financial support to charitable, educational, religious, scientific, or other tax-exempt purposes.

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Proven Strategies

Texting with PBT is strategic.