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Our Features

Powering Your Connections

Our texting software is crafted to be a bridge between you and your community. We design our texting features to increase engagement in a way that creates long-lasting impact.

Keywords empower Powered by Text clients to create meaningful conversations with their audience

The Ultimate Platform for Instant Communication

Two-Way Texting

A powerful way to connect with the people you message. Instantly have two-way conversations in our app from desktop or mobile in a secure, personal and direct way.


Automated Messaging

Our powerful automations save you time and give you peace of mind that your messages are being delivered, removing the manual effort from your workload.


Short Codes

A dedicated 5-digit number that is assigned and unique to your organization. This is the preferred mass texting gateway by the carriers, helps you avoid being tagged as SPAM and increases brand trust with your audience.


Analytics Dashboard

Evaluate the success of your texting campaigns through delivery rates, opt-in/opt-out rates, trackable URLs, replies and more in our intuitive analytics dashboard.


We are leaders in the SMS industry with two decades of industry experience, premier status with the US Short Code Registry and compliance requirements baked directly into the PBT software. You can text with confidence knowing you have a partner who protects you with our compliance-first approach.

Verified 10-Digit Number

A unique, 10-digit phone number designated by wireless carriers to be used for application to peer messaging. This number will be verified and registered to your organization.

Smart Click

Integrated dynamic URL optimization for text message length requirements, click tracking, reports, and analytics. Easily deliver documents, videos, and website resources, and track their effectiveness.

Text To Donate

Make it easy to for your audience to support you financially with a simple text message.

No IT Requirements

Accelerate your implementation without the need to wait for IT integration or any other resources. Our secure cloud platform provides a 1-stop solution to make texting easy and compliant.

Device Delivery

No computer? No problem. Anyone in your organization can have access to deliver messages right from their desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Progressive Web App

Group messaging, direct chat, keyword creation, and more all within a streamlined progressive web app (PWA). Install the PWA as a shortcut on your device* and always be up-to-date with the latest features.

*Google Chrome required for desktop app

Digital Services

Mobile document, video and URL optimization are some of our specialties. We provide packages to mobile-optimized versions of your content to deliver via text.

*additional fees may apply

Contact List Import

Compliantly and legally import your existing phone numbers and begin texting. We’ll manage the requirements needed for consent and keep your member information safe.

PBT Community

Access to a library of examples, shelf programs, ideas, and resources crowd-sourced from the PBT community.


You can use PBT to coordinate groups, keywords and messaging across multiple divisions of your organization–domestic or international–to keep your messaging separate and organized. PBT can deliver to any phone, any country, any language.

Powered by Text is a powerful text marketing platform that features MMS, automations, analytics and is backed by expert-level support
Always Unlimited

Designed for You

Carefully Crafted

All of our texting features are always unlimited and available to all users, no matter what plan you choose. The premier texting tools available inside the Powered by Text App have been carefully crafted and designed as the lasting result of more than a decade in the texting industry.

Built to Last

Because of our experience in the industry, deep relationships with the carriers, aggregators, and regulators, and continuing education on the laws and rules, you can rest comfortably knowing that our implementation strategists and the PBT texting software are 100% compliant and safe.