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Automated Messaging

Our powerful automations save you time and give you peace of mind that your messages are being delivered, removing the manual effort from your workload. Text Drip and Scheduled Messages are easy to use and are a staple in today’s chaotic communication landscape as well as Auto Responses and No-Dialogue automated messages.

Create infinite impact through Powered by Text

Save time and grab attention with Text Drip.

  • Pre-scheduling

  • Flexible timing

  • Attach MMS


Send at the best time with Scheduled Messages.


Reduce your workload with automated responses.

FAQs about Automated Messaging

What do people use text automation for?

Each industry we serve has different use cases. Our partners use Text Drip from delivering multiple messages to help new subscribers get to know their organization to sending a series of video content over time. Our Customer Care Ambassadors help you identify how you can creatively diversify your messaging in your industry with our automations.

Do automations cost extra?

Text Drip and Scheduled Messages are baked into our app for everybody and ANY Powered by Text plan at no extra cost.

How do I know what messages to send in a drip campaign?

The good news with texting is it is the best vehicle to deliver your already-created content. Have you already made a video or podcast? Written a blog? Planned a new initiative? Let our Customer Care Ambassadors help you take this content and help you craft a message that will increase engagement and participation.

See our Automations in Action

Our strategists are ready to have a quick meeting to show you the power of automations.