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Two-Way Texting

A powerful way to connect with the people you message. Instantly have two-way conversations in our app from desktop or mobile in a secure, personal and direct way. With two-way texting, you can be available at all times and increase connections with your audience.

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Instantly have two-way text conversations with Powered by Text

Never miss important conversations.

FAQs about Two-Way Texting

Why does two-way texting matter?

Customer service and good communication is a key component of any organization. Two-way texting allows you to care for the people you text and ensure they have what they need, quickly, when needed.

Do inbound messages cost me a message credit?

With all PBT plans, inbound messages are FREE! We like to encourage you to connect with your audience as they have questions, concerns or need help and don’t want you to have the financial weight of inbound messages that other texting service providers may charge you.

How will I know when someone sends me an inbound message?

Our app has built-in functions to notify you and other team members via text or email that someone has replied in one of your groups so you can respond at the speed of text.

Where can I access inbound messages to use two-way texting?

All of our groups have a message inbox where you can filter all or unread messages and see message history with individual contacts so you and other team members are in-the-know when having two-way conversations with people.

Experience How Two-Way Texting Works

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