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The value of using short codes cannot be overstated when it comes to mass texting for organizations.

At Powered By Text, we have two overarching recommendations when it comes to organizations maximizing their communication strategies. The first is that every organization should use texting to communicate, as it’s people’s preferred method to communicate with each other and organizations.  The second is that organizations utilize a dedicated short code to mass text their audience.

For clarity, a short code is a 5-digit number leased from the US Short Code Registry that is associated solely with your organization. We provision your short code for you as we have a long-standing history with the Registry.

Short Codes: The Secure and Trusted Pathway

The value of using short codes is expressed by the regulators. Regulators have created this 5-digit short code texting pathway specifically for organizations to use. The cellular carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, etc.) have spoken and they aren’t going to let what happened to email (think of all the SPAM emails we receive) happen with texting. So, they’ve created strict laws surrounding texting.

We’ve seen some texting service providers letting their users share short codes or use 10-digit numbers that aren’t registered. Shared short codes and unregistered 10-digit numbers are not compliant.

Violations that come with these two instances carry heavy fines that land solely on the organizations using them, and the numbers run the risk of being shut down. We’ve also seen texting service providers send notifications of stoppages to their clients unless the client handles the burden of navigating the compliance process. If your provider does this, we’d recommend finding a new one.

At Powered By Text, we’re a premier provider with the US Short Code Registry and we have over two decades of experience operating in the SMS industry. This means we’ve reached the highest levels of expertise and capability. When it comes to short codes, we’re the experts who also handle all regulatory compliance requirements on behalf of our clients.

The secure and trusted pathway for compliant texting is the use of a dedicated short code. The regulators created this pathway for you, and Powered By Text makes it easy for you to use it.

"When your short code is properly registered with all carriers, it eliminates the risk of your messages being flagged as spam and running the risk of being shut down."

Mike CantrellPBT COO and Co-Founder

Short Code Advantages

Besides being the best pathway, the value of using short codes are increased brand trust, SPAM-free, guaranteed delivery rates, and the list goes on.

Simply put, when you mass text your entire audience, or a group of people within your audience, two things will happen. First, your text won’t be marked as SPAM by the carriers. Second, your recipient will see your short code and have trust that the text they received is legitimately from your organization.The end result is successful delivery and increased engagement, guaranteeing that you’re not wasting your time or money on subpar texting efforts.

Weaving Texting into Your Operation

Once you understand the value of using short codes, next is understanding the “how”.

We teach our partners the right way to weave texting into their entire operation. It’s not enough to just text your people. It’s critical to do it in the right order with proven strategies, which will only serve to increase the benefits of short code texting.

A great example of this is implementing a keyword strategy.

When you have your own dedicated short code, you can employ an unlimited supply of keywords like ENGAGE, RESOURCE, GIVE and so on. These keywords allow your audience to gather information and opt themselves in for the ongoing information they want to receive. These keywords allow your audience to quickly gather important details or opt themselves in to receive the ongoing communication from your organization.

The unlimited number of keywords on your dedicated short code is also a HUGE savings as you expand and support all aspects of your operation at no additional cost because keywords on YOUR dedicated short code are complimentary with Powered by Text.

Another vital strategy is the implementation of smart links/URLs in your messages.

This strategy takes the user experience to another level by bridging them to existing resources on your website. What’s more is that you’ll be able to track and measure this valuable engagement over time.

Texting from a 10-Digit Phone Number

An alternate texting option is using a verified 10-digit phone number.

Ten-digit phone numbers, AKA long codes, are often being flagged by the carriers as SPAM when they aren’t verified (especially when they include URLs). Not to mention, trying to execute a cohesive keyword strategy on a 10-digit number leads to lower engagement rates.

Your best option to text from a long code is to make sure it is verified (which we handle on behalf of our clients) and then apply it in specific instances. One such instance is using a 10-digit number for your two-way texting replies, which we’ve discussed at length in this article.

The Verdict on the Value of Short Codes

Ultimately, by employing a proven texting strategy across their own short code, organizations will see massive gains for their mission.

Powered By Text is the premier provider of shortcodes for ministries and non-profits, and we offer several great short code plans that can fit any organization’s budget.

If you have any additional questions about the value of using short codes for an effective texting strategy, contact one of our Communication Strategists.

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