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The power of visuals in text messages is a potent strategy for making your message stand out and engage audiences. When an organization sends a text, it is essential to include images. 

As the use of mobile devices has increased, text messaging has become the premier way for organizations to communicate with their people.

However, it can be difficult to develop messages that are both successful and interesting when there is so much content vying for people’s attention.

In the past when trying to connect with people, organizations have used text-only communications to deliver their message. This was before the widespread use of Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) in text messages, which delivers images, videos and audio.

When it comes to making a message stand out, images inside text messages can be a potent combination. This is the power of visuals in text messages.

The capacity of smartphones to transmit and receive multimedia communications has grown exponentially recently.  The improvement in engagement rates as a result of this adjustment allows organizations to better connect with their audience and deliver their message with maximum impact.

Four advantages of including graphics in text messages


Increased Engagement

Text message engagement rates can rise significantly when images are included. A long-time PBT partner is seeing anywhere from a 5%-20% click-through rate on their links when images are included with the message. This is because images are more likely to be recognized and acted upon by the recipient since they are more visually appealing and attention-grabbing.

Enhancing Memory Retention

Information can be effectively remembered using visuals, as discussed in our guide to creating relevant video content. In another study, people only retain 20% of what they read and retain 80% of what they see. As a result, including graphics in your text messages might help ensure your audience remembers what you’re trying to say. According to a HubSpot study, visual content is really more memorable and engaging than other sorts of material, as evidenced by the fact that it gets shared on social media more than 40 times more frequently than other types of content.

Improved Communication

Images can aid in message clarification and facilitate comprehension for your people. For instance, providing an image of the activities at an upcoming event in a text message will entice your people to want to register and attend when they get an idea visually of what the event will entail. This may result in improved audience engagement and more effective communication.

More Favorable Association

Additionally, using visuals to reinforce your brand or message will help people see your brand in a favorable light. Including photos in your texts can help your audience evaluate your brand more favorably and raise the possibility that they will interact with your material in the future.

Adding visuals to text communications can significantly improve communication, engagement, memory retention and favorable associations. The power of visuals in text messages is a potent strategy for making your message stand out and engaging audiences as organizations continue to navigate an increasingly competitive market.

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