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 Learn how you can leverage text messaging to share success stories, connect with donors emotionally, and ultimately boost donations in our most recent blog post. Also, we have a new PBT team member!

How To Increase Donations Using Text

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Utilizing several key strategies, like sharing success stories via MMS, you can increase your donation generation and maximize the impact your nonprofit is seeking. Learn the strategies that can help increase donations as we head into 2024.

Boost Engagement with MMS Drip

Include pictures and video in your drip campaigns

When someone joins a group, the best way to follow up with them is by automating a series of messages that “drip” over a period of time to keep them engaged with your organization. With Drip Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS), our users can now include pictures, videos, and audio with those drip messages. Reach out to our team to learn how to use Drip MMS today.

A note from our COO and CEO: Your Impact Matters!

COO Mike Cantrell and CEO Brian Audia

There is going to be exponential impact with our current and new partners in 2024 and we’re grateful to be a part of it!

Impact Quote

“The ultimate performance indicator is not how much money you made, but how much money you gave away.”

In a recent professional development session, our COO Mike Cantrell gave an encouraging word about generosity, which is at the heart of PBT. Part of our generosity is supporting the Legacy Give Foundation, which helps people in need locally, nationally, and internationally.

New Team Member

Clay Blanscet is an Implementation Specialist who is also the newest member of our PBT team! He helps new users set up their accounts and launch their texting campaigns, as well as handling customer support. He is friendly, detail-oriented, and passionate about helping every PBT partner be successful in their texting journey.