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Successfully connecting with your audience through texting isn’t easy. There is a key ingredient needed to text well. Organizations can take their low-engagement social media and email strategies and replace them with a proven texting strategy that is essential to implement in today’s chaotic digital world.

If you baked a cake one way and then discovered a new ingredient that made it better, would you ever skip using the new ingredient again? You wouldn’t. In fact, you would always use that ingredient from there on out.

Implementing a consistent texting strategy is a key ingredient that will help you connect with your audience in a more impactful way.

What do you mean by “consistent” texting?

Overall, any texting is good texting.  Why? Because people read their text messages. 

98% of people open text messages, the majority within three minutes of receipt. Furthermore, 95% of text messages are read and responded to within 3 minutes of being received. 

These numbers tell an incredible story. More than any other medium, texting is THE way to get a message across to your audience. 

However, a consistent strategy will level up the strategy. 

A consistent strategy is intentional. It’s calculated. Persistent. It’s not just one text here and there with mixed messages, themes and focuses. It’s multiple coordinated and cohesive messages meant to captivate and capture people’s attention. 

In the busy-ness of life today, people need to see multiple messages. They need to be reminded of what, when, where and who. A consistent texting strategy puts your message in front of people. Send a text. Hit ‘em with another. And another. 

“Won’t people be annoyed with that many messages?” The answer is people are going to consume information one way or another. Why not have more of those messages be about something that really matters like YOUR message!

Why is consistent texting important?

Consistent texting is important because your mission is important.

People are bombarded with communication today. The average person sees between 7,000 to 10,000 ads per day. The ads and messages are warring for people’s attention. 

Purpose-driven organizations need to win the war on the mobile device and get their purpose and mission in front of people consistently: messages of hope and life-change and impact.  Tell people about how they can be a part of what your organization is doing. Give people opportunities to get involved or grow personally. Provide visuals and links to already existing digital content. 

In a chaotic digital climate, people need exposure to a message multiple times before they truly connect with a message. This is where social media and email fall short. Messages interacted with on social media are swiped or scrolled past so quickly. Emails are marked as SPAM or deleted. Texts impact in a quicker fashion. 

Consistent texting cuts through the clutter. 

While your message may get lost or scrolled past on social media, when you text your audience consistently with messages unified around certain topics, events or themes, your message will rise out of the chaos and be seen. 

Texting is the bridge between awareness and participation. 

What we’re after is more than a text being seen. We want more than awareness. 

Our purpose is to help purpose-driven organizations cultivate connections that create infinite impact. How we do that is by partnering with organizations like yours to create a texting strategy that has real firepower behind it. 

When organizations implement a consistent texting strategy, they will see engagement with messages rise, which will drive up participation. Together, this is how we win the war on the mobile device: consistent, cohesive and coordinated texting strategies

How do I create this consistent texting strategy?

It begins by partnering with a texting platform that cares about what you care about. 

Purpose-driven organizations need to partner with a texting platform that has a similar goal and focus. Some companies only care about their bottom line. However, you need to find a texting service that cares about you and your purpose. 

If you would like to see some of these in-depth strategies in action, SETUP A DEMO with an PBT team member today! 

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