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This month, we highlight the impact of a long-time Powered by Text partner, discover their key ingredient to a successful texting strategy, highlight a new feature and a PBT team member you should know. Let’s go!

Partner Highlight:  The Urban Alternative

The Urban Alternative went all-in with texting and made an impact with their audience. Not only did they see higher engagement, they saw spiritual impact shown in replies to their messages.

“It comes right when
I need it most!”

“Right on time.”

“Thank You. I needed this.”

How was TUA successful? When you use texting and the PBT-proven strategies to send your message, you’ll see the impact in your community.

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The Key Ingredient To A Successful Texting Strategy

Learn the key ingredient TUA and our other partners use to cultivate success in their texting strategies.

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MBT’s feature, Scheduled Messages Import/Export, is the newest in a growing list of features developed with our users in mind!

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Dr. David Rogers is an PBT Customer Care Ambassador who connects with our ministry partners to ensure they are successful in their texting strategies!