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Learn how people-first customer care can supercharge the impact your organization is seeking and discover the new feature that makes our texting automation even better. Let’s go!

New Article

The Power of People-First Customer Care

People-first customer care is not merely a business strategy; it represents a philosophy rooted in the profound power of human connections.

Feature Release

Drip MMS

With PBT, you can now attach MMS (images and videos) to your automated drip campaigns. The use cases for this are vast! Help your audience get to know you through personalized videos, sharing pics from an event, and more. This can all be done in a text thread without having to direct people to an external URL. The best part? It’s all automated so you can set it and forget it.

Our team is ready to show you how it works!

New Integration

Connect and automate texting between PBT and your preferred software.

Do you use another software you wish our PBT App can integrate with? You’re in luck. Zapier allows you to implement popular actions that trigger powerful workflows. Connect our PBT software with 5,000+ of the web’s top tools. Ex. WordPress, Planning Center, Salesforce, Hubspot, RSS, Google, Squarespace, webforms and more.

Impact Quote

“We should be remembered for our extravagant generosity…we should not be marked by our words, but our action.”

The PBT team was privileged to be led by Pastor Subash for a professional development session. Pastor Subash is making an impact globally through his work in India. PBT is honored to be a part of the Grow Mercy Initiative, which gives children the tools to be lifted from poverty, providing them daily with meals and education.

Team Member Highlight

Chris Crawford is the Director of Product. He is constantly innovating to ensure the user experience in our enterprise-level PBT app is excellent. He is passionate about leading our product team so our users can easily and efficiently create an impact with their audience.